Error analysis

The yellow engine control light of your vehicle flashes or lights up continuously, indicating a corresponding malfunction?

Your car no longer has the standard performance but a noticeably reduced performance and also consumes more fuel than usual?

The engine idles erratically, jerks when driving or the vehicle tends to produce a lot of smoke or soot, especially when accelerating?

All of the above symptoms or a correspondingly indicated malfunction have a cause which should not be ignored but checked immediately by a workshop.

However, even authorised workshops of the vehicle manufacturers sometimes have problems with troubleshooting due to the nowadays very complex technology.

Although the area of the fault is sometimes narrowed down, all the components in question are often replaced without further ado.

The aforementioned procedure is not only semi-professional, but also unnecessarily leads to correspondingly high repair costs.

Due to our more than 30 years of experience in the field of vehicle electronics, we are the competent partner for fault diagnosis and repair.

With professional diagnostic equipment from Bosch or Hella Gutmann, for example, we are also able to detect difficult faults so that only the spare parts that are actually required are replaced.

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