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Frequently questions

Why is the potential of the engines not exploited by the vehicle manufacturers?2022-03-10T19:45:08+00:00

The vehicle manufacturers deliberately work far below the maximum possible power in order to ensure appropriate component protection even under suboptimal operating conditions.

In this way, the desired stability is guaranteed even under extreme weather conditions, when using a poor fuel quality or offensive driving style.

In addition, marketing decisions, e.g. to differentiate a vehicle from higher-positioned Group models, also lead to a quasi-reduced performance.

Which vehicles or engines are suitable for chip tuning?2022-03-10T19:45:51+00:00

In principle, all electronically controlled petrol and diesel engines are suitable, but optimisation is most efficient with turbocharged engines (turbo, supercharger, etc.).

In addition, we are already able to optimise a large number of e-cars i.e. vehicles with an electric drive.

Increased or reduced fuel consumption?2022-03-10T19:46:28+00:00

If the additional performance potential of the vehicle, i.e. the better acceleration and possibly higher top speed, is used permanently, the consumption will increase accordingly.

However, our modification also makes it possible to drive more economically and thus more fuel-efficiently.

Particularly in vehicles with an automated gearbox, significant savings are possible due to the reduced gear changes.

Does chip tuning shorten the life of the engine?2022-03-10T19:46:59+00:00

Our performance enhancements are tuned in such a way that no increased wear on the drive components is to be expected during “normal” driving.

However, increased wear cannot be ruled out if the vehicle is subjected to “difficult” operations on a permanent basis and over a longer period of time.

Does the software optimisation have an influence on the particle filter?2022-03-10T19:47:24+00:00

No, the filter regeneration processes are maintained or adapted accordingly, thus ensuring that the DPF or OPF continues to function properly.

Are there any special features for vehicles with an automatic or dual clutch transmission?2022-03-10T19:47:49+00:00

With our performance upgrades, the respective gearbox version is taken into account, or, in the case of vehicles from the VW Group in particular, the gearbox control is also adapted.

Furthermore, we have the possibility to carry out various additional options for a large number of automated transmissions.

For example, in addition to increasing the torque limitation, we can shorten the shifting times or deactivate the forced upshifting in manual mode.

Speed limitation (V-max.)2022-03-10T19:48:14+00:00

If the manufacturer has a corresponding limitation, this will be removed in connection with our software modification or adapted in accordance with our parts certificates.

Of course, the corresponding V-max. change can also be made individually according to your specifications.

Note: Please take into account the legal regulations and the fact that tyres with a higher speed index may have to be used.

Do I have to fill up with a different fuel?2022-03-10T19:48:46+00:00

With regard to the efficiency of our software optimisation and stability, we recommend using a fuel with at least 98 octane (Super Plus) for petrol vehicles.

Vehicles with modified drivetrain components2022-03-10T19:49:12+00:00

Hardware modifications such as or a modified catalytic converter, intercooler, exhaust gas turbocharger etc. can of course be adapted.

Will the modification be retained in the event of an update by the authorised workshop?2022-03-10T19:49:44+00:00

No, but you will receive an update guarantee on our software optimisation for five years from the respective installation date.

If or when our modification has been cancelled by a corresponding update, you will receive new programming from us free of charge.

Is a retrofit possible, e.g. when selling a vehicle?2022-03-10T19:50:11+00:00

Yes, retrofitting is of course possible and will also be carried out by us free of charge within the warranty period.

Is the tuning legal?2022-03-10T19:50:33+00:00

In Germany, performance enhancements on motor vehicles may only be operated if a corresponding technical approval has been carried out.

For this reason, parts certificates or test reports are available for many of our software modifications.

Please note that the use of our modifications is not permitted within the scope of the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) without a corresponding technical approval!

Do the costs for the vehicle insurance or tax increase as a result of the chiptuning?2022-03-10T19:50:58+00:00

As a rule, there are no higher insurance premiums, but please contact your insurer for binding information.

The corresponding pollutant class of the vehicle must be maintained nowadays, for this reason the amount of the motor vehicle tax remains unchanged.

How much time is needed for the software modification?2022-03-10T19:51:21+00:00

For standard vehicles (no changes to powertrain components) we usually need 2-4 hours.

How long is the processing time for a sent control unit?2022-03-10T19:51:39+00:00

Control units delivered to us by 12:00 noon are modified on the same day and returned to you by DHL Express.

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