The company is founded under the name BMS (Böhme Motorsport Service) in 40667 Meerbusch.

The main field of activity is the mechanical processing of petrol and diesel engines to optimise performance and increase durability.

In addition to work on engine components such as cylinder heads, connecting rods, etc., exhaust gas turbochargers or compressors are also retrofitted.

The corresponding clients include private customers, contract partners of the automobile manufacturers as well as renowned tuning companies.


Due to the considerably increased influence of electronic control systems in motor vehicles, the company is expanded to include the field of software adaptation.

Initially only intended to adapt engines with mechanical modifications, the field of software becomes more and more important due to the increasing number of turbo vehicles.


Due to the increasing complexity of engine control systems, the core business is focused on the development of software adaptations.

In the aforementioned context, the mechanical processing of engines or components carried out up to then is outsourced as contract work.


The increased need for larger and more representative premises is met by a corresponding move to 40883 Ratingen.


“SPEEDSYSTEMS” is registered as a word or figurative mark in the register of the German Patent and Trademark Office.

From the aforementioned date onwards, software adaptations are offered exclusively under this product name.


Expansion to include the business area of development and sales of electronic auxiliary devices for motor vehicles.

Thus, vehicle-specific modules for soft top controls are developed which enable opening and closing while driving up to a speed of 50 km/h. In addition, due to a contract, the software is offered exclusively under this name.

Furthermore, due to a contract work for a well-known Mercedes tuner, the production of additional control units for performance enhancement is started.


In order to demonstrate that the highest standards of quality and safety are among our company’s goals, a corresponding quality management system is introduced in accordance with the ISO 9001 guidelines.

The introduction of the aforementioned QM system also created the prerequisite for obtaining type approvals and parts certificates.


“EVOTRONIC” is registered as a word or figurative mark in the register of the German Patent and Trademark Office.

From this point on, our electronic auxiliary devices are offered exclusively under the above product name.


Change of the previous company form and company name through a corresponding entry in the Düsseldorf Commercial Register.

From this point on, the name “SPEEDSYSTEMS” is used not only as a product name but also as a company name.


With a spatial expansion at the Ratingen location, the increased demand due to an increase in personnel is covered.


After more than 20 years, the company relocates to 42579 Heiligenhaus in favour of a significantly better infrastructure.