Gearbox optimisation

In addition to the software-based optimisation of engine control systems, we are also involved in the adaptation of electronically controlled automatic and automated manual transmissions.

In particular, the double-clutch gearboxes (DSG) from the Volkswagen Group are one of our main areas of activity.

In addition to the adjustments required in connection with our performance enhancements, the gearshift behaviour can also be significantly improved.

For example, the performance is noticeably improved by shifting speeds adapted to the torque curve of the respective engine and by up to 30% shorter shifting times.

It is also possible to deactivate the forced upshift in manual mode or to adjust the clutch pressure.

We can also adapt automatic transmissions with a torque converter of e.g. off-road vehicles with modified wheel and tyre combinations or transmission ratios.

In the aforementioned context, corresponding adjustments of the shift speeds as well as the torque converter are possible.

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