Duplicate engine control units

If the engine control unit (ECU) is defective and cannot be repaired, it must be replaced.

Because the authorised workshops cannot usually adapt used control units, new spare parts are installed, which is very cost-intensive.

The cost of a new ECU, including installation or adaptation of the immobiliser, radio key, chassis number, etc., can sometimes be more than 1500.00 €.

Used engine control units, on the other hand, are usually available on the relevant online marketplaces for a fraction of the new price.

Thanks to our expertise and equipment, we can also read out data from a damaged ECU and transfer it to a used or new ECU.

This procedure not only saves time because the vehicle in question is immediately ready to drive again, i.e. without any further measures, but is also much more cost-effective.

Note: The replacement control unit must be provided by the customer and should have identical part numbers or at least be identical in terms of hardware.

We will be happy to assist you in checking whether the ECU you intend to use is suitable as a corresponding replacement unit.

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